How to Send Money from UK to Philippines

How to Send Money from UK to Philippines

How to Send via Correspondent Bank using

Remitter must visit any of PNB’s Correspondent Banks
He/she must apply for a fund/swift transfer
The remitter fills out a remittance application form indicating pertinent information:

Remitter’s Name
Remitter’s Address, Tel. No. etc.
Beneficiary’s Complete Name
Beneficiary’s Address, Tel. No., etc.
Payee Bank/Branch
Account No.
Remitter specifies PNB’s SWIFT address (PNB MPH MM) and pays his desired remittance amount, subject to the maximum allowable remittance and applicable service fees (both vary among correspondent banks)

How to send remittances in the Philippines through the phone in UK:

Register by completing the remittance application form. Forms are available either thru phone at 0207 397 1340 or 0207 792 9647 or via
Submit, together with your application form a one-time documentation.
Proof of Identity – Passport or full UK driving license
Proof of Address – recent bank statement, credit card statement or utility bill
* photocopies are accepted provided it has been certified by a Solicitor, PNB Bank Officer, Bank Manager, Accountant or Philippine Embassy.
Send it to:
Customer Services
Philippine National Bank (Europe) Plc
128 Victoria Street
London EC4V 4BJ
When you want to remit. Just call PNB at 0207 397 1340 or 0207 792 9647

How to send Money to Philippines via SMS in U.K.



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