Balikbayan Box

Tips on How to pack Balikbayan Box


How to pack Balikbayan Box

Balikbayan Box

Step 1: Select the right box, based on its size and the amount of items you are packing.

Step 2: Do not extend the height of the box, or overstuff it.

Step 3: Secure all the breakable and easily-damaged items in bubble wrap and pack them in the center of the box

Step 4: Place liquids, powdered goods and small bolts (screws, nuts, etc.) in individual sealed containers and note these are only allowed via sea cargo.

Step 5: Ensure all sharp items are padded.

Step 6: Pack greases and strongly-scented items in durable tins or containers sealed with heavy-duty adhesive.

Step 7: Empty spaces within the box should be filled with crumpled newspaper or styrofoam peanuts to secure all items

Step 8: List down ALL items to be sent. Do not sneak in undeclared items.

Step 9: Apply a “this side up” sticker to avoid mishandling.

Step 10: Ensure all seams and flaps are sealed using double layers of packing tape

Step 11: Do not forget to write the complete names and addresses of both the sender and recipient, and send the package with LBC’s assistance.

Step 12: Never share your tracking number with anyone.

For Sending Balikbayan Box through LBC Express

We recommend using LBC boxes and tape all seems using the proper packing tape be generous with tape so that their won’t be a problem with the box breaking open. Secure fragile and breakable items with bubble wrap placing in the center of the box.If you are sending clothing I recommend putting them in plastic bags in case of breakage from food etc. Fill all empty spaces with crumpled newspaper or Styrofoam peanuts to secure items. Do not overstuff the box to the point where the outside dimension of box has changed you do not want to risk rejection of the box at the point of shipping.
Make sure that the complete name and address and phone number of the recipient is visible/ written on the outside of the box

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