PLDT Home DSL Plans 2017

PLAN 990up to 1 MbpsComes with a landline and DSLPLAN 1299up to 2 MbpsComes with a landline and DSLBoost your speed up to 3 Mbps for 4 GB for only P99

High Speed Plans
Browsing Speed

PLAN 999up to 3 MbpsPlay online games, stream videos, and chat onlineBoost your speed up to 5 Mbps for 4 GB for only P149PLAN 1995up to 5 MbpsDownload music, apps, and other large files quicklyPLAN 3000up to 8 MbpsEnjoy multiple and simultaneous fast downloadsPLAN 4000up to 10 MbpsStream HD-quality videos and enjoy the best onlinecontent

Tvolution Trio Plans
Browsing Speed

PLAN 1599up to 2.5 Mbpswith landlinePLAN 1899up to 3.5 Mbpswith landlinePLAN 2899up to 5.5 Mbpswith landlinePLAN 3899up to 8.5 Mbpswith landline

Lite Plan
Browsing Speed

LITE PLAN 999 (new)up to 5 MbpsIdeal for small families and light users with monthly allowance of 50 GB.

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List of Milo Marathon Schedule and Location for 2017

List of Milo Marathon Schedule and Location for 2017

41st National MILO Marathon 2017 Schedule of Races

1 Urdaneta – July 16
2 Laoag – July 23
3 Metro Manila, Pasay – July 30
4 Angeles – Aug 6
5 Tarlac – Aug 13
6 Antipolo – Aug 20
7 Naga – Aug 27
8 Lucena – Sept 3
9 Lipa – Sept 10
10 Imus – Sept 17
11 Tacloban – Sept 24
12 Roxas – October 1
13 Iloilo – October 8
14 General Santos – October 29
15 Davao – November 5
16 Butuan – November 12
17 Cagayan De Oro – November 19
18 National Finals in Cebu – Dec 3

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Touch Mobile Promo Text Combo TM Promo 2016

TM Call and Text Combo Promo 2016


TOUCH MOBILE (TM) PREPAID PROMOS AS OF YEAR 2016 (Call, Text, Combo, Mobile Internet, International)
Promo Name
Unli Call
Unli Text
Unli Internet
UnliTawag15Yes (TM/Globe)151 dayU15 send to 8888
TodoTawag 15/1515 minutes TM-TM or TM-Globe15To call just dial 800+10 digit TM/Globe #
SuliTawag3 minutes TM-TM or TM-Globe5To call just dial 806+10 digit TM/Globe #
TXT5Yes (TM/Globe)51 dayTXT5 send to 8888
TXT10Yes (TM/Globe)102 daysT10 send to 8888
UnliAllNet10Yes (All Net)101 dayUA10 send to 8888
DagdagTxt100 texts all Net5DAGDAGTXT send to 8888
SuliTxt525 texts to TM/Globe51 daySULITXT 5 send to 8888
AstigTxt30Yes (TM/Globe)305 daysASTIGTXT30 send to 8888
ComboAll1050 minutes calls TM/GlobeYes (TM/Globe) + 50 text All Net101 dayCA send to 8888
AstigCombo1010 minutescalls TM/Globe50 text All Net101 dayASTIGCOMBO10 send to 8888
AstigCombo1530 minutes calls TM/GlobeYes (TM/Globe)151 dayASTIGCOMBO15 send to 8888
COMBO1010 minutescalls TM/GlobeYes (TM/Globe) + 50 text All Net101 dayCOMBO10 send to 8888
COMBO1510 minutescalls TM/GlobeYes (TM/Globe) + 50 text All Net152 daysCOMBO15 send to 8888
Free FacebookFree
Free Wattpad30 MBFree1 dayFREEWATTPAD sa 8888
SOCIAL20Unli FB, Twitter, Multiply201 daySOCIAL20 send to 8888
MAIL20Unli FB, YM, Gmail202 dayMAIL20 send to 8888
FUN20Unli FB, Youtube203 dayFUN20 send to 8888
DAGDAGSURF1 mb mobile internet1Can be registered with any of the TM text, call, & combo promos
GOSURF1030mb internet + 200mb for Spotify Basic and Games101 dayGOSURF10 send to 8888
GOSURF3070mb internet + 200mb for Spotify Basic and Games301 dayGOSURF30 send to 8888
GOSURF1530mb internet + 300mb for Spotify Basic and Games152 daysGOSURF15 send to 8888
GOSURF50300mb internet + 400mb for Spotify Basic and Games503 daysGOSURF50 send to 8888
GOSURF99100mbinternet + 1gb for Spotify Basic and Games9930 daysGOSURF99 send to 8888
GOSURF2991.5gb internet + 1gb for SpotifyPremium &100mb for Games29930 daysGOSURF299 send to 8888
GOSURF4993gb internet + 1gb for SpotifyPremium &100mb for Games49930 daysGOSURF499 send to 8888
GOSURF9995gb internet + 1gb for SpotifyPremium &100mb for Games99930 daysGOSURF999 send to 8888
GOSURF179910gbinternet + 1gb for SpotifyPremium &100mb for Games179930 daysGOSURF1799 send to 8888
GOSURF249915gb internet + 1gb for SpotifyPremium &100mb for Games249930 daysGOSURF2499 send to 8888
SUPERSURF50Unlimited internet501 daySUPERSURF50 send to 8888
SUPERSURF200Unlimited internet2005 daysSUPERSURF200 send to8888
Blackberry Chat 15100 texts to TM/GlobeUnli BBM151 dayBBChat 15 send to 8888
Blackberry Chat 99200 texts to TM/GlobeUnli BBM9930 daysBBChat 99 send to 8888
Blackberry Max 50Unli BBM + IM + Internet501 dayBBMax50 send to 8888
Blackberry Max 220Unli BBM + IM + Internet2205 daysBBMax220 send to 8888
Blackberry Max 599Unli BBM + IM + Internet59930 daysBBMax599 send to 8888
Blackberry Social OnUnli BBM + IM + Social Networking29930 daysBB Social On send to 8888
Blackberry Msg OnUnli BBM + IM + Email29930 daysBB Msg On send to 8888
AstigItxt2030 International & AllNet texts201 dayI20 send to 8888
TipIDD 304 minutes call (Saudi, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Italy, UK, Australia, & Japan)301 dayT30 send to 8888


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Travel Guide – Bacolod to Siquijor Island

Travel Guide – Siquijor Island

Siquijor is a fifth income class island province of the Philippines located in the Central Visayas region. Its capital is the municipality also named Siquijor. During the Spanish colonial period of the Philippines, the Spaniards called the island Island of Fire (Spanish: Isla Del Fuego). Siquijor is commonly associated with mystic traditions that the island’s growing tourism industry capitalizes on.

Dave in Siquijor river

For most Filipinos, Siquijor is a mysterious other-world of witchcraft and the unknown. True, this tiny island province is famous for its mountain-dwelling mangkukulam (healers) who brew traditional ointments for modern ailments. But these days Siquijor’s most popular healing practice involves a cocktail and a deckchair at any number of its laid-back and wonderfully affordable beach resorts. Attractions include great diving, waterfalls, caves, beacheneering and forest walks in the hilly interior. Just about everywhere on Siquijor is great for relaxtation and adventure.

Dave Siquijor Chill
Siquijor has 6 municipalities namely Siquijor, Siquijor – Lazi , Larena, Enrique Villanueva, Maria, San Juan.
Travel Guide: My Itinerary, How to get there, things to do, getting around, expenses and contact details.


How to get there:
From Bacolod City South Terminal take a bus ride going to Dumaguete City via Mabinay. Then from Dumaguete terminal charter a tricycle to take you to Dumaguete port. At Dumaguete port there are several ferries en route to Siquijor Island – Aleson Shipping lines, cockaliong, Montenegro Lines, Ocean Jet, Jeilan (all ferries sallies daily).

Bus ride to Dumaguete – 365.00 (6-7 hours)
Dumaguete Terminal to Dumaguete port – Tricycle 150.00
Dumaguete Port to Siquijor (Aleson Lines) – 100.00

How to tour Siquijor.
The best way to roam around Siquijor is to charter tricycle (recommended if group) or rent a motorbike. If you want to save few bucks you can also ride jeepneys however, it only leaves once full.
Jeepney – 15php
Rent a motorbike – 350.00
Charter Tricycle – 1000.00 – 1,500.00
Siquijor tour – 800.00 – 1,000.00

Dave Siquijor Kulam
Getting around Siquijor
At Siquijor, Siquijor we don’t have any idea of the place we decided to take a motorbike and good thing manong GC (motorbike driver) brought us to Diamond Beach Resort. A beautiful front beach resort and its kinda laid-back style and cozy.


Manong GC Contact Number: 0935 895 5020
Room Rate:
Tent – 250/person
Fan room – 650.00
Air-conditioned room – 1,200.00 (with breakfast)

Places and Things to do in Siquijor  Dave Siquijor dive
Capilay Spring Park
Enchanted Balete Tree
San Isidro Church
San Isidro Convent
Cambugahay Falls
Salagdoong Beach Resort
Tulapos Marine Sanctuary
Mt. Bandilaan
Cantabon Cave

Expenses (one way)
Bus ride – 365.00
Tricycle – 150.00
Boat Ride – 100.00
Motorbike – 200.00
Siquijor tour – 800.00
Room accom – 650.00
TOTAL – 2,265.00 / 2pax = 1,132.50 each


Instagram: davemingcheng

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