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How to Check your Shopee Order Status

Are you wondering what is the status of your Shopee order item or How to track you shopee tracking in LBC? Well here is the video guide on how you will find your order status from Shopee.

Here’s a video on how to track your shopee delivery

Shopee shipped your items through LBC or any other logistics provider.
Here’s the list Shopee partnered couriers

Xpost Integrated,
Black Arrow Integrated
Own Packaging
Ninja Van Integrated
JRS Express

If you want to track shopee ph tracking number just go to shopee website then enter your shopee tracking number and track the delivery. If the courier you have chosen is LBC you can also go to LBC website and type your tracking number. Website will indicate the arrival or shopee delivery time.
Giver a try dont hesitate. Once you are familiar to navigate shopee or LBC tracking page. You will feel at ease that your package is on their way. Mode of payment for shopee is by credit card or COD cash on delivery. It’s easy to set or enable the cash on delivery on shopee.

Once you have received the package make sure you go to shopee website and also marked received so that shopee will transfer the payment to the seller. So what you waiting for shop now.

Here’s a video on how to track your shopee delivery     =


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