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Airbit Club Iloilo

Airbit Club wasfounded with the air of providing the best possible information about cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin.

Its Origins and benefits, how to use them, how to open a wallet and provide the oppurtunity to club members to receive profits. generated from trading and mining of encryted currencies, using Bitcoin as our main coin.

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How Airbit Club Works

Airbit is a trading and mining platform of crypto currencies, with an automated Profit sharing algorithm.

You can Join the club with any of the member ships avalaible, we will use those bitcoins to trade and mine crypto currencies. 50% of profits will be split among all club members and 50% will be used to increase the power of trading and mining. Also to solidify our business relationships with companies dedicated to the growth of technology to trade and mine bitcoin.

For more information COntact us. using the form Below.